Recognised know-how.

High precision technical ceramics machining

With a fleet of machines extremely powerful, SCERAM claims its expertise in the machining of precision parts in technical ceramics since more than 30 years: Milling, drilling, cutting, tapping, reaming, threading, grinding ...

The hardest material are mastered

SCERAM developped a special machining method called LOW STRESS MACHINING PROCESS™: machining process that prevents to accumulate internal stress inside the material.
This technique has been developped on purpose to keep materials’ perfect mechanical integrity.


Production and retailing of standard products

SCERAM keeps an important list of diverse raw materials in different shapes, such as rods, bars, tubes, discs... The "on shelves" materials allow us to be very reactive for producing parts on drawing.

We also have different standard products available, such as Alumina and Zirconia screws, ceramic kiln furnitures, ceramic bearings... Please check our "standard products" list.

Our strength: reactivity, flexibility

"Application oriented"

We make you benefit from our great experience for the selection of an adapted material, fitting your application. If this application is already known, or in development.

We are available at any time to discuss and study your projects :Contact us !

Dimensionnal Control

SCERAM is able to redact dimensionnal control reports:

- Tridimensionnal control device: TESA.

- Electronical microscope: Vison Hawk.

- Roughness meter  MITUTOYO.

- Calibration.
Zigloo System for cracks detection.


Raw material sourcing, and technological watchfulness.

Through its close relationship with laboratories, and with raw material producers, SCERAM remains aware of the latest technological advances available in the market.

is also involved in research, being leader of
NANOTRANS project (development of a transparent ceramic armor).