• Tubes for furnace

    Tubes for furnace

    For many years, SCERAM has been specialized in furnishing tubes for the industry of high temperature furnaces. These products are available in fast delivery.

  • Semi finished product

    Semi finished product

    Access to our ceramic raw materials lists. We can provide bars, rods, plates in many different materials: Alumina, Macor, Zirconia, Boron Nitride. Mullite, Steatite...

  • Crucibles and lids

    Crucibles and lids

    SCERAM keeps on stock a long list of laboratory material such as crucibles, lids, and boats in different material: Alumina, Quartz, Zirconia...

  • ceramic screws, washers and nuts

    Ceramic screws, washers and nuts.

    Access to our list of top quality ceramic screws and nuts. We can provide many different standard sizes in different materials. Zirconia, or Alumina screws...

  • Ceramic bearings

    Ceramic bearings

    Access to our list of ceramic bearings standard in different materials, such as Zirconia, Silicon Nitride or Hybrid bearings.

  • Ceramic precision balls

    Ceramic precision balls

    We provide ceramic precision balls in all diameters, in many materials: Alumina, Zirconia, Silicon Nitride, Sapphire, Glass, Borosilicate...

  • pad printing ceramic rings

    pad printing ceramic rings

    SCERAM is specialized in the production of ceramic doctor rings for tampography. We can manufacture rings on drawing, and we keep many standard rings on stock...

  • Macor


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