Extruded Graphite

• Good resistance to thermal shocks

• Good dimensionnal stability

• Good thermal conductivity

• Good electrical conductivity

•High density and high mechanical strength

• Low impurity, so high resistance to oxidiation

High grade isostatic molded Graphite

• Isotrope structure (perfect homogeneity)

• Fine grain size

• High density

• Consistency of mechanical and electrical
characteristics due to an advanced technology

manufacturing process.

isostatic molded Graphite

• Thin grain

• Hiigh mechanical strenght

• Machinable with high precision

- Can obtain very good surface estate

• High thermal shock resistance due to:

- A low thermal expansion coefficient

- A high thermal conductivity

- A low elastic modulus

Extruded Graphite

• Crucibles and incinerating dish

• Furnace equipments

• Suceptors for induction furnaces

• Heat exchanger

• Moulds

High grade isostatic molded Graphite

• Electroerosion


• Diamond sintering

• Glass industry

• Chemistry

Isostatic mollded Graphite

• Sintering molds

• Casting dies

• Nozzles

• Tools for composites shaping

• Electroerosion


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